Software engineer, photographer, Gooner, avid learner.

Taslan Graham's DEV Profile

Taslan Graham is a young web developer. He’s excited about the world of software engineering and the opportunities that comes with it. His interests outside of technology includes philosophy, football(soccer), photography, film production and reading.

Here, I’ll write about technical content, mostly centered around web development and JavaScript.

Additionally, I’ll talk about non-technical things that are relevant to persons within tech. These will be based on personal experiences while I navigate the tech space.

I look forward to providing useful content to readers while simultaneously learning from you.

What people say about taslan

Taslan’s ability to adapt and learn on the fly was what made him an excellent intern to work with at QualityWorks, I enjoyed being his supervisor and mentor during this time. Great things will come from Taslan as he grows into his career

Orandi Harris, Software Developer, RealDecoy

I worked with Taslan while he interned at QualityWorks. During his time at the company, he was a part of a team that developed an application that would solve an internal need. Taslan proved to be a crucial member of that team and contributed significantly to the project’s code base and infrastructure. I was consistently…

Warren Harding, Lead Consultant, QualityWorks Consulting Group

Taslan is a young and graceful talent that was easy to work with. He was always ready to learn and take on new challenges and did well with them.

Martin Morrison, Quality Assurance Manager, Epic Technologies

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